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We spent the last 2+ years doing extensive research into growing healthy vegetables sustainably. There are a host of challenges to overcome and because you are dealing with nature, you cannot rush your grow cycles, if lettuce takes 60+ days to grow you will only see the result of a single improvement (or not) reflected 60+ days after seeding.


Through all our research we (and you) are now in a position to literally harvest the benefit of our investment.



Key benefits of our precision farming are:

  • Optimal nutrient levels – we precisely administer the exact quantities of nutrients needed to achieve optimal crop yield

  • Effective lighting – complex lighting mimics the sun allowing our crops to grow with the same benefits are sun-sourced crops. We are able to get better crop yields due to the fact that we are able to expose our crops to longer days 24/7 and 365 days a year

  • Heat reservoirs and heat exchange systems – through effective heat exchange systems we are able to reduce the day time temperature without the need for air conditioning and also increase night time temperatures without the need to expensive heating systems

  • Optimal growth duration – growing the crops for too long reduces the value of the crop relative to the cost to grow it, harvesting too soon has the customer paying too much

  • Reduced evaporation – we effectively only lose water due to transpiration (evaporation through plant leaves) we do not waste any water through evaporation

  • Eliminated soil as a grow medium – sourcing compost from reputable sources is difficult and quality varies with real risks of introducing unwanted pests or bugs into our growing environment. Eliminating soil also eliminated our need to discard or throw away spent soil and compost.

  • Better crop yield in shorter timescales – since we administer nutrients directly on to the roots of vegetables, vegetables do not have to waste energy growing extensive root systems to find nutrients instead, they divert that energy to grow better greens.



Other benefits of indoor farming:

  • Crops can be grown in any climate allowing year-round crop delivery

  • Being able to use any floor space like offices, parking lots and warehouses allows us to eliminate our reliance on open field farmland and also greatly reduces our need to import goods grown on foreign soil.


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