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Microgreen January



Looking for a Detox smoothie recipe in the New Year?

Here is a good one from Nourishing Hub using our super-powerful broccoli microgreens

It's easy to make, tasty and super healthy

This is a staple smoothie in our household loved by kids and parents alike.

nh Broccoli Smoothie 2.1.png

Like it?

Ingredients list *

Don’t like our suggestion? You can use broccoli microgreens in any smoothie. Due to their mild flavour they compliment smoothies while you still get all the nutritional value

Not a smoothie fan?

Why not compliment your favourite food with our nutrient-packed microgreens and get your 5-a-day in a tasty and easy way.

Here are just some suggestions. 

Want it?

nh micro uses.png

Serving suggestions *

Give our microgreens a try in January.


We're your local business delivering microgreens to homes in the Woking are starting 11th January 2020.

Let Nourishing Hub support you and your family on a nutrient-filled new years journey!

Microgreens are absolutely packed with nutrients.


You can and should include them in every meal!

To understand more about our microgreens read our very informative blog


* We supply the microgreens in recipes and serving suggestions only

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