To understand the value of local we need to consider the main challenges faced by large farming operations.


Vegetables bought from retailers should be labelled as ‘frozen’ and ‘non-frozen’ as the term ‘fresh’ really means the veg is anything from 3-5 days (and often more days) old. As soon as vegetables are harvested the decaying process starts which is why suppliers harvest produce before it is ripe and/or place it in bags filled with gas to suppress the bacteria that causes the decay of greens.


These challenges put Nourishing Hub in a unique position to deliver quality greens to our customers in the communities where we operate.

  • Nutrient-dense vegetables - because we deliver shortly after harvest we cut food miles (the time-to-table time) from days/weeks to minutes. This means you get nutrient-dense food that cannot be achieved by large scale farming operations.

  • Quality and plastic-free packaging – due to the close proximity to customers in our community we are able to deliver our greens in 100% compostable packaging, we do not have to pack our goods in plastic bags filled with gas to try and extend the shelf life or the product.

  • Re-use local space – because we do not need any farmland we are able to set up shop and re-use/re-invest in current infrastructures like office blocks, warehouses and even car parks to deliver all the goodness associated with Nourishing Hub’s greens.

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