We are often asked: 'But how do you use microgreens?'

We have never given this much thought because in our family we use it literally every day with every meal.

The day is started with a smoothie of some sort and microgreens are always added, then the kids get it to school on their sandwiches or other meals we pack for them.

Dinners, cooked or fresh, will always have a sprinkling of these amazing greens.

Because they vary in flavour from spicy to neutral and on to earthy you can not only eat them for their nutritional value but add flavour to any dish, old and new. 

We thought we'd dedicate this page to show how versatile these microgreens are.

Their versatility is what makes it really easy to eat for both young and old alike.

Breakfast made easy and nutritious

Lunch, re-invent old favourites

Dinners don't have to be boring to be nutritious

Party snacks, greens make them best

These are to show only a few ideas and as you can see, there is room for microgreens with every meal.

Try them, you will love them!

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