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Enough talk, time to act!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Plastic is destroying our planet, businesses need to be more responsible

Many shops and chains are talking a good talk but there is not a lot of action - plastic is everywhere and it is not slowing down. Our oceans are literally choking in this stuff and still business is not making a real effort to get rid of this.

Knowing that plastic pollution is at crisis levels we at Nourishing Hub made it our mission to trade in compostable packaging and where unavoidable have options to re-use plastic containers sold to the public.

We do business responsibly so you can buy with confidence and help save the environment.


A vicious cycle

  • Today it is very difficult, virtually impossible, to buy any food goods from stores without plastic involved.

  • Plastic is difficult to recycle especially plastic packaging used to wrap your favourite greens - all that wrapping ends up in a landfill somewhere as we are not able to process and re-use it.

  • As there is no way to return any of your plastic food wrappings for re-use it means the more we eat the more we contribute to the plastic pollution problem


Nourishing Hub to the rescue

  • When we started our business we knew we had an opportunity and responsibility to be better than the rest - not just in how we grow, but also how we sell and do business.

  • At Nourishing Hub we believe it is up to us, our community members and Nourishing Hub together, to drive the change we want to see in the world.

  • We believe that the community wants to do the right thing if presented with the opportunity will do so. Businesses need to change and embrace responsible trading.

  • Buying from Nourishing Hub, everything from product-to-packaging is compostable.

  • Ease of shopping will always be key when buying goods but this does not mean we do not have options to combat plastic pollution. When buying from our resellers you are incentivised to return the container used to grow the greens, you get a discount on your next purchase. This way we also get to re-use our containers multiple times.

This 100% compostable approach to selling greens sets us apart from any other retailer, shopfront or online.

Our business model to operate local to the community is another key value-add that enables us to do responsible business and accept returned growing containers for re-use.

Below an illustration of how we make it possible for you to contribute back to a cleaner environment.

We are leading the way to responsible business so you can contribute to a cleaner environment.

LOCAL - by having a business model that operates locally to the communities we serve affords us opportunities not achievable by high street stores.


Together we can make huge a difference to combat plastic pollution. Every bit helps.

The food industry is changing, Nourishing Hub is leading the way.

We grow sustainably and do business responsibly so you can support positive change when you buy from us.

Join us on this journey of positive change - support the drive to sensible, sustainable, and responsible agriculture and business.


Join us on this journey of positive change and order your favourite microgreens.

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