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Hygiene - clean is good!

Reducing the number of times we need to wash and rinse our greens saves water. Reducing the number of times we need to was our greens does not have to compromise on higiene - here's how...

With conventional farming, soil based contaminants are deposited on vegetables during watering of the crops. Due to this transfer of contaminants it is required that those vegetables are washed before packaging and shipping. For this process to be thorough, the cost to do so in terms of money and natural resources are high and there is never a guarantee that all those contaminants are 100% removed.

With hydroponics those contaminants are never introduced onto the leaves which reduces the need for extensive wash and rinse cycles to get rid of fertiliser and other contaminants.

Every wash cycle removed is valuable resources gained. ( As a health consideration we do recommend you always rinse any and all produce purchased before serving.)

Part 5 of 8 - discussing the benefits of buying greens from Nourishing Hub.


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