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Pesticides: short term gain, long term catastrophy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We eliminated the use of pesticides and herbicides so you can eat with confidence.

The continued use of pesticides and herbicides over the decades have far-reaching consequences and we are only now starting to see the impact. Trace amounts of these agents eventually make it to our dinner plates at night and over time accumulates in our bodies with less than desired effects. Pesticides/herbicides also leach into the soil and eventually into our drinking water and they kill beneficial entities like bees.

It is with this knowledge that we at Nourishing Hub have spent years to perfect our growing operation ensuring we can grow all our crops without using any pesticide and/or herbicides.

We grow responsibly so you can eat with confidence.


The use of pesticides and herbicides has far-reaching negative consequences.

We explain this by looking at both the immediate impact and the long term impact as a result of sustained use of these chemicals

Immediate impact

The immediate impact of pesticides and herbicides is from trace elements of these chemicals that make it to your dinner plate.

These elements per dinner plate (per serving) may not in itself have a negative impact on your health but over time these build up in your body and it is this prolonged exposure and buildup that has an eventual negative impact on our health.

Long Term impact

Long term impact is a result of prolonged use of pesticides and herbicides.

Conventional farming has been using these chemicals for decades.

Where do these chemicals go after greens are sprayed?

  • The answer is simple: pesticides and herbicides leach into the soil.

  • Over time, as we keep using these chemicals, more of it make its way into the soil.

  • When the soil is watered (rainfall or irrigation) those chemicals leach deeper into the soil and eventually into our underground water which in turn making its way to our taps and drinking water.

Pesticides kill indiscriminately, good insects like bees are negatively affected as well. When we kill off the bees we eliminate a key link in our food chain.


Nourishing Hub to the rescue

At Nourishing Hub we do not use any pesticides or herbicides.

Coupled with the fact that we also do not have any water waste due to leaching we do not run the risk of ever introducing harmful chemicals into the environment. (read more on water waste here)

The benefits are simple:

  • we eliminate any trace of these chemicals from your dinner plate

  • we do not pollute the soil and in turn your water supply

  • we do not poison beneficial insects like bees

EAT - with confidence knowing our food is pesticide and herbicide-free.


Together we can make huge a difference by eliminating these harmful chemicals from the environment.

The food industry is changing, Nourishing Hub is leading the way.

We grow sustainably and do business responsibly so you can support positive change when you buy from us.

Join us on this journey of positive change - support the drive to sensible, sustainable, and responsible agriculture and business.


Join us on this journey of positive change and order your favourite microgreens.

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