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Re-use: better than recycling!

Re-use, re-use, re-use!

We all know that recycling is great and we all must support that initiative but there is something that is even better than recycling: re-use.

A re-use mindset is what drives all aspects of farming at Nourishing Hub and it is this mindset that helps use keep the cost of growing vegetables at its lowest. All our grow pots, grow trays and even water is re-used to grow new produce and since we are local to the community we also promote customers providing their own containers to get their crunchy fresh vegetables from us.

We do have some things we add to the recycle bin (the compost bin actually): the roots of the harvested vegetables. That’s it - 100% compostable waste.

There is another, not often thought of, area of re-use with our approach to hydroponics - we setup in existing offices and warehouses. Setting up a Nourishing Hub operation does not need any new and expensive buildings being created, we simply use open and unused offices and warehouses. Because of our configuration we are also able to move entire hubs from one location to the next with minimal disturbance to existing infrastructure.

At Nourishing Hub we continuously strive to drive the size of our environmental footprint down and have as little impact on the environment as possible.

With our responsible growing practice we are in a unique position to pass our environmental savings on to you the customer and together we can all help to save this precious place we call home, planet earth!

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