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Stressing the environment - let's stop it!

Stressing the environment stresses us!

Although there are many points that can be discussed under this heading, this post will only focus on 3 items related to the environment and the stresses introduced by conventional farming.

(a) Fresh water required to grow vegetables

  • When we first started Nourishing Hub, water use was always a topic we knew we had to use with care as water is expensive and a precious commodity. With all the efforts and research into optimising water use and reducing unnecessary evaporation we are now in a place where Noursihing Hub produce is grown using less than 5% of the water typically used in conventional farming.

  • For conventional farming the numbers for water needed to grow vegetables are staggering. On average the water needed to grow a head of lettuce is 70 litres - I'm going to repeat myself to drive this home: 70 litres of water to grow a single head of lettuce (Some lettuce types need a lot more).

  • With Nourishing Hub's grow methods and water retention we use less than 3 litres of water to grow the same lettuce.

(b) Produce per square meter (yard)

  • Soil-less growing opens alternatives for growing greens. Vertical grow racks is one of those alternatives and the approach taken by Nourishing Hub.

  • Because of the vertical capability now unlocked Nourishing Hub is able to grow more than 4 times as much produce per square meter of land than conventional farming.

(c) Groundwater contamination

  • Speaking to people in general we were amazed to find out how few people knew about groundwater contamination. Groundwater reservoirs and streams are replenished through water filtering through top layers of soil. With this movement of water you also have movement of pesticide and other chemicals with that water.

  • All those chemicals are then re-introduced into the system that we use to drink and cook our food with.

Considering Nourishing Hub's water saving and space optimisation approach, we can grow 4 times as much food using less than 5% of the water resources needed in the same space as a conventional farm.

Nourishing Hub's responsible farming coupled with competitive pricing of our products present our customers with the opportunity to participate in saving the environment at no cost to them.

Part 6 of 8 - discussing the benefits of buying greens from Nourishing Hub.


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