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Pesticide is poison!

Eliminate the bad, preserve the good. We make it easy for you to get healthy food locally.

When we look at why the label and term 'Organic' has been established, it was to ensure that we reduce toxins introduced into our bodies due to all kinds of artificial chemicals like pesticides and herbicides used to combat the elements (insects, weeds) as well as force crop yield by adding growth hormones.

Organic is great and definitely has its benefits over conventional farming but organic farmers still have the same basic challenges as conventional farmers: weeds, insects and various others soil based contaminants. Pesticide is still required to combat those challenges.

Considering how vegetables are grown with hydroponics and aquaponics it lends itself to say that there is a 'better than organic' means of producing food.

Nourishing Hub's soil-less hydro farming provides an environment free from insects, weeds and other soil based contaminants, eliminating the need to use any pesticide or herbicide, tied with the 'slow farming' approach where produce matures naturally we also eliminate the use and need for all growth hormones.

Another effect that introduces leaf contamination during conventional farming is caused by splashing of droplets. This happens as a result of watering (rain or otherwise). Farmers fertilise their fields before seeding begins then during rain or normal watering routines, soil based particles are transferred to the vegetable leaves and in turn on to the consumer.

With Nourishing Hub's farming approach which introduces water and nutrients from the root level (as it should) with no splashing effect the consumer is presented with a fresh, juicy and contaminant free product, ready to eat with minimal processing required.

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