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Nutrition - get the most from your (our) greens!

Time is a nutrient killer.

Nutrition is the topic to discuss and highlight why Nourishing Hub's approach to producing locally grown produce has the advantage over conventional farming and other hydroponic farms.

In this session we are not discussing the typical 'calorie and ingredient' labeling side of nutrition but rather bring to your attention the effect that time and distance has on the nutritional value of fresh produce you buy.

If we consider that vegetables grown from conventional farming or hydroponic farming have the same nutritional value, how is Nourishing Hub better?

The answer: Significantly reduced Time-To-Table. We only harvest your greens when you order your greens which means you get the most nutrition possible from our vegetables.

As soon as vegetables are harvested the loss of nutritional value starts due to natural processes that breaks down all the goodness we hope to get from our greens. With that fact it is then obvious that the longer the vegetables take to get from the farm to your table the less nutritional value you get from those vegetables. Even when vegetables are bought 'fresh' from your local stores, those veg are typically 5+ days old since the time it has been harvested.

Other hydroponic farmers with large operations has the same challenges as conventional farmers in that they have to harvest, pack, ship, shelve and then sell their produce. There is a long time from when the greens are harvested before it gets to your table.

Because Nourishing Hub's approach to food production is not at scale but rather to grow and supply local to communities, you always get the freshest most nutritious vegetables possible.

We at Nourishing Hub harvest when you order, this approach ensures that you reduce the time-to-table from days to minutes and get all the nutrition you expect and deserve.

Part 3 of 8 - discussing the benefits of buying greens from Nourishing Hub.




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