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Freshwater is running out!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

You, with Nourishing Hub, can help to save BIG!

With conventional farming, it is calculated that farmers need more than 100 litres of freshwater to grow a single head of lettuce.

It is with this knowledge that we at Nourishing Hub have spent years to perfect our growing operation so that we can help to preserve a precious commodity, water.

We grow sustainably so you can shop responsibly.


The numbers in perspective:

  • If the average family of 4 only eats 4 lettuces a month,

  • You would need 400+ litres of water just to grow your greens

  • The average bathtub in the UK holds around 180 litres of water.

  • That means you need almost 3 bathtubs' worth of water to grow just 4 heads of lettuce

This extremely high demand for water is due to water waste factors:

  • Evaporation - water on top of the soil evaporates into thin air

  • Leaching - water drains into the soil and water tables, beyond the reach of plant roots

  • Runoff - excess flooding of farmland leads to water runoff, often this water ends up in patches of land where there is no agriculture.

When considering all the water needed to wash, clean and process the lettuce the water demand doubles, more than 800 litres of freshwater is needed to grown and clean these 4 lettuces.


Nourishing Hub to the rescue

At Nourishing Hub we have zero leaching or runoff and we have all but eliminated evaporation by covering all water surfaces exposed to air.

This means that the water we add to the system is used for growth and no water is wasted.

  • We use around 1 litre of water to grow 1 lettuce.

  • Our greens do not have to be washed like conventionally harvested greens due to the fact that we have eliminated pesticide, fertiliser, and dirt deposits on our greens

GROW - we grow sustainably and responsibly, our greens are not only good for you but also the environment.


Together we can make huge a difference and save big, 4 litres vs 800 litres, it all adds up.

The food industry is changing, Nourishing Hub is leading the way.

We grow sustainably and do business responsibly so you can support positive change when you buy from us.

Join us on this journey of positive change - support the drive to sensible, sustainable, and responsible agriculture and business.


Join us on this journey of positive change and order your favourite microgreens.

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