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With confidence


Eating with confidence, knowing that our food was free from all kinds of pesticide, herbicides, and hormones were the main reason we started Nourishing Hub.


Not only did we want to make sure we get rid of the pesticides and herbicides we also wanted to ensure that we get maximum nutrition from our greens.


When acknowledging that we are creatures of comfort and pleasure, the taste was another top priority for us and we have succeeded in delivery greens that are bursting with flavour.


Our approach to delivering amazing greens you can eat with confidence:

  • Eliminating all pesticides and herbicides - Growing indoors and not using any soil or soil based medium like compost allowed us to eliminate the need to use all chemicals needed to combat the negative elements of nature like weeds and bugs

  • Quality light delivers quality crops – complex lighting systems mimic the full spectrum of sunlight which is the reason our greens are bursting with flavour. Because we expose our greens to extended periods of light we can grow bigger and fuller crops in a reduced number of days.

  • Nutrients are key to healthy greens – we precisely measure the levels of nutrients administered to our crops to make sure the plants get exactly what they need to grow optimally. This precision nutrient administration coupled with quality lighting is what drives the great taste of our crops and you do not have to comprise on taste over other health benefits.

  • Removing soil eliminates soil-based contaminants – Rain and mechanical watering systems associated with conventional farming cause a lot of splashing during the watering process. This splashing causes soil-based compounds like pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer (organic and non-organic) to be deposited on the plant. These components then get locked in tight places between the stalk and leaf stem which makes it very difficult to remove unless a lot of water is wasted to wash as much of this as possible. Because we only water and feed from the bottom up, via the root system, we eliminated the potential for introducing these contaminants.


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