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Quality nutrition made easy

Nothing but fruit and veg!!

Our juices are created to support active lifestyles for home and work.

We make it easy to get all your essential nutrients in an easy and tasty way.

Nourishing Hub juices are designed to support essential dietary functions like detox, gut health, alkalising, antioxidising and many more

All of our juices are made with nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. You will not find any puree, concentrates, preservatives, flavourings or any added sugars in our juices.

In short, our juices will make you feel great!



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Flushing toxins, healing nourishment!


Nourishing Hub's DETOX range of juices keeps you hydrated and delivers key nutrients to support an effective detox program

Kale, Cucumber, Beet, Celery and Spinach are great vegetables to help flush out toxins while delivering essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

We strike a perfect balance between function and great taste with the fruits in our DETOX range providing tangy and sweet tones to the flavour


All-natural, sustainable energy boost without the crash!

Consuming sugar-laden, chemical and caffeine-filled drinks will give us a short, unnatural boost in energy.

Consuming drinks loaded with sugar, caffeine and other chemicals wears down your adrenal glands and also has serious long-term health issues.

The key to increasing and maintaining your energy levels is to consume a diet high in B-vitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Juices extracted from Beet, Cabbage, Broccoli, Apple, Cucumber and Ginger provide you with an easy and convenient way to get the energy lifting nutrients you need during the day.

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NH Gut Health Juice poster WIX

Good health begins in the gut! 

Complimenting a diet rich in fruits and vegetables feeds good gut bacteria and helps them, and us, thrive.

Drinking Nourishing Hub juices is the perfect (and easiest) way to support a healthy gut.

We include various ingredients in our juices with great digestive benefits, to list but a few:

  • Pineapple contains bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme.

  • Pears stimulate secretion of digestive juices so food moves through the gut more easily

  • Ginger increases digestive fluids which alleviate indigestion


Balance and protect!


To help maintain an optimal bloodstream pH, our ALKALISE juice range introduce alkaline-forming foods especially if your diet is high in acid-forming foods like meat, cheese, chicken and fish.

NH Alkalising Juice poster WIX


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Balance and protect!



Nourishing Hub's ANTIOXIDANT range of juices contains vegetables high in antioxidants to help protect your cells against free radicals produced when our bodies break down food.


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Making vegetables fun and yummy

Our juice range for the younger generation strikes a perfect balance between nutrition and taste.

This was probably our more difficult range to design as we did not want to increase sweetness to make it palatable while sacrificing nutritional value.

Nourishing Hub's YOUNGLING range is made with an optimal balance of vegetables and fruits to make it easy for the youngsters to get their 5-a-day 


Making our juices



What's in our juices?


Fresh Fruits and Veg - that's it!!

No puree, no concentrate

  • Our juices take a little longer to make as we only use the freshest vegetables around.

  • Using only raw fruits and vegetables ensures you get the best quality juice available.

No preservatives

  • Not using any preservatives has a great health benefit to our customers as we are eliminating the use of these chemicals from.

  • Due to the short shelf life or our raw juices, we deliver twice a week, ensuring you get the freshest juices possible.

No added sugar, no artificial sugar, no flavouring

  • We created all our amazing flavours by combining fruits and veg to achieve a required taste.

  • Customers are pleasantly surprised by our flavours which range from bitter, to tangy to slightly sweet but never overbearingly sweet as with many other off-the-shelf juices.


How do we produce our juices?


We squeeze those fresh fruits and veg - simples!!

Nothing but squeezing going on here

  • We only use a lot of pressure to get the juice from the fruits and vegetables

  • Our cold-pressed processes are so effective we extract up to 93% of the juice from fruits and vegetables. This efficiency in juice extraction means we also produce a lot less waste.

  • And no... we do not squeeze each fruit and veg by hand :), we have a multi-stage extraction process to get as much juice as we can from every product.

  • We produce on the day of delivery.


Caring & Sharing


How do you care for our juices?

Keep it chilled!!

Keep it fresh

  • Since we do not use any preservatives, you can keep our RAW range of juices chilled and refrigerated below 5°C to have a shelf life of up to 3-4 days. 

  • This is also the reason we deliver twice a week if you order bundles of 4 or more days.

  • We produce on the day of delivery which means you get the freshest juices possible.

  • Once opened, enjoy the juice on the day.

  • We supply our juices in glass bottles, it is never a good idea to freeze anything in glass bottles and the same applies to our juices. (You are more than welcome to pour the juice into a 'freeze friendly' container before freezing it).

  • Our pasteurised range of juices has a shelf life in excess of 30 days.


  • Serve chilled for the best results.

  • We make our juices from real fruits and vegetables - separation is normal, shake well before use.


  • Our bottles and caps are recyclable

  • When we deliver your new order, we will be more than happy to take your old bottles back for re-use.

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