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About Us

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We grew up in a time where quality food was readily available and there was time to sit down and enjoy our meals.

Travelling the world and living in three different countries we realised that our modern-day lifestyle makes it difficult to get quality food in a convenient manner. Fast-food and ready meals now are the norm but do lack a lot of the key nutrients we need to live healthy lifestyles.

With the arrival of our two amazing boys, we asked ourselves how we can provide them with the wholesome nutrition they need while at the same time knowing and acknowledging that comfort food is here to stay.

In 2016 we experimented with growing our first microgreens. These greens are amazing, they are absolutely packed with nutrients, up to 40 times as much as the mature varieties and are super tasty. Due to the fact that you only need a little of these greens and their small size we were able to add these to any meal we prepared at home, comfort foods like burgers and pizzas to cooked foods like soups.

Our friends soon realised the benefit of these greens and asked us to grow for them as well and this is how Nourishing Hub came about, responsibly producing quality food that you can eat with confidence knowing it is good for you produced locally to the community.

Customer service is key to the success of our business and we pride ourselves that we listen and learn from the feedback provided. With input from our customers and community, we came to realise that although the microgreens are great there was a gap to fill regarding getting great nutrition any time anywhere in a conveniently consumable manner – and hey presto… Nourishing HubJuice was introduced.

Nourishing Hub’s juices are cold-pressed made with nothing but the freshest fruits and vegetables. We do not use any preservatives, purees, concentrates, or added sugars (refined or artificial).

Using our nutrient-dense microgreens in the juices we produce are the perfect way to have great nutrition on the go or to compliment any meal.

We provide our customers with the best quality products to support their wellbeing and as we evolve and mature over time we are truly becoming a hub for great nourishment.

From all of us at Nourishing Hub, we invite you to join us on this journey of great nourishment. 

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