About Us


I grew up in South Africa and having access to top quality food was never optional or something you had to go look for and find, it was a given. Great tasting food was grown locally, and I spent a lot of my childhood on farms owned by the family. We were also never aware or concerned about food intolerances typically attributed to today's intensive farming practices.


I left South Africa 12 years ago, travelled the world, got married and became a father of 2 amazing boys.


Just over 2 years ago, being concerned about the negative impact intensive farming has on our health, I asked myself this question: if our environment (soil and water) is so contaminated, was it even possible for my children to eat pollution and chemical free food during their lifetime?


This question was made more relevant when I discovered that organic foods were not grown in a contaminant-free way since some pesticides & herbicides were allowed to be used.


It was this revelation that drove me to become highly motivated to find a way to grow 100% chemical FREE, great tasting and nutritionally dense food for my family.


My love for farming, food and science combined allowed me to build a farm prototype which I am now ready to scale up to grow the highest quality food for other people in my community.


Trust is one of the key values in my life and it is this value that drives how we grow greens and do business at Nourishing Hub, the community can trust that whatever we grow and sell are the same greens we eat ourselves.


I hope you will join us on this amazing journey of rediscovering great food grown locally!

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