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Not just any old vegetables


Our industry-leading approach to producing and supplying greens benefits our customers and the environment

The average consumer today is well informed and well educated when it comes to food and the impact it has on their health and the environment. The need to have access to good clean food that is nutrient-dense and sustainably grown from a reputable source is more important than ever before.


In today's modern society there are several challenges to overcome when providing quality food sustainably. These challenges are primarily categorised  in the three main areas:

  • Pesticides, to eliminate this while growing crops is a real challenge and not easy to achieve.

  • Nutrition, harvested food with long Food miles (distance from the farmer to your table) causes loss of nutrition due to natural decaying processes. Fresh food bought is anything from 3-7 (even more) days old which means we are not getting all the nutrients our bodies need

  • Location, because food is not grown locally it has to travel fast distances to get to your local shop. Often these food sources do not produce food goods to the same standards we are accustomed to.


Stores today can only address one of these challenges to provide you with good food and in most cases, this is achieved by selling organic food although organic food still uses pesticides.


Nutrition loss due to decay as a result of harvesting and long distances food has to travel is a major obstacle for fresh food sellers to address and it is not easily overcome.

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At Nourishing Hub we spent the last 3 1/2 years researching how we can overcome these challenges for two simple reasons:


  1. To provide you, our customers,  with the highest quality food that is pesticide-free, nutrient-dense and bursting with flavour.

  2. To grow food in a  way that not only benefits you but also the environment.


This sets us apart from any other producer and fresh produce reseller.


Our slogan appropriately highlights our core values, Grow, Eat, Local and we will highlight the benefits we offer is not just one of these challenging aspects, but all three.


Grow - responsibly and sustainably

  • Pesticides, Herbicides and hormones, we do not use any of these - ever!


  • Considering the very negative impact these things have on our health, we have totally eliminated the use of it. Finding a way to buy pesticide-free food was also the reason we, the founders at Nourishing Hub, started on this journey of responsible agriculture and we are proud that we can now offer this to the communities where we supply our greens.


  • Water is an extremely precious commodity. Our approach to precision hydro farming means we use less than 2% of the water typically needed to grow the same greens in conventional farming. Unlike conventional farming and because we do not have any water waste, none of the fertiliser we use ever makes its way into the groundwater which eventually makes its way to our drinking water and in turn on to us


  • As a business, we are 100% committed to using our natural resources as efficiently as possible to lead the way to a sustainable future.


Eat - with confidence

  • When fresh produce is harvested it starts to decay. It is this natural decaying process that reduces the nutritional content of all fresh produce. As an example, spinach can lose up to 90% of its vitamin C within 24 hours of being harvested. Nutrient loss is relevant to all foods, and the longer it takes to get them to your table the less nutritional value it has.


  • When you buy your greens from Nourishing Hub it is still growing - we harvest when you order and we are even able to provide you with the greens unharvested, meaning you harvest them at home.


  • Not only are our greens nutrient-dense, but they are also bursting with flavour, all due to the fact that we are able to provide you with truly fresh produce.


  • You can eat our greens with confidence knowing they a full of essential nutrients and you get the maximum benefit possible.


Local - trust your food source

  • Because we grow our greens local to the community, we eliminate the need to transport our greens over long distances. This eliminates all manner of transportation pollution.


  • Due to the fact that we operate local to the community, we adhere to local authority guidelines and regulations - you can trust that our operation is sound and well regulated.

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The food industry is changing, Nourishing Hub is leading the way.


Join us on this journey of positive change - support the drive to sensible, sustainable, and responsible agriculture and business.

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